Lolo Zouaï Lights Up The Roxy

 Last Friday, Lolo Zouaï stopped by the Roxy Theater as part of her ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ Tour. The past year has been a wild ‘ride’ for Zouaï, as she told the sold-out audience that she was still working at a restaurant just a year ago.

“I started making music in my bedroom… And it’s just so crazy that now I’m on tour with you guys.”  


It’s inspiring to see the 24-year-old’s career trajectory, as she has garnered a loyal fanbase who brought intensity to the show, singing every lyric to her songs right back to her. The bilingual Zouaï seamlessly transitions from English to French in her lyrics. “One of my favorite things about performing and being bilingual is that I get to teach you guys French.”  I don’t know which engaged the audience more – her infectious stage presence or the undeniable quality of her songs. 




Chicago rapper, Jean Deaux, was the perfect opener for Zouaï. She hyped the crowd with her high energy performance. Deaux also brought out collaborator Kari Faux to perform their song Work 4 Me.




Lolo is still on tour, so make sure to catch her if she’s coming to a city near you. Stream her album ‘High Highs to Low Lows’, which released less than a month ago to great reviews. The album is an excellent project filled with catchy melodies and sultry songwriting.







Photomaker. "Matthew's got a lens on me right now." - Frank Ocean (Lens)

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