EscapeTracks Radio Is Your New Destination For R&B Mixes

Push play on Episode #32, titled “Sweetheart.”

We’ve seen and heard episodes/mixes from Toronto-based EscapeTracks randomly while scrolling through SoundCloud, but this is the first time we’ve continuously played their channel. Needless to say, we are kind of hooked on their music selections. With so many podcasts, playlists, DJ mixes, and music apps to discover new music, it’s refreshing to just have one channel that’s dedicated to R&B and soul. Future vibes, remixes, and edits are also a big part of their mixes, which we don’t mind at all. Their latest episode is right below so go ahead and hit play. To explore more of EscapeTracks’ mixes simply visit them here.

Episode #32 Tracklist:

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