Lizzo Links with Missy Elliott For “Tempo” Video

“All the fly girls head to the dance floor”

The Hot Girl Summer heatwave continues to be an unstoppable force and there’s no denying that rapper/singer Lizzo is one of the ladies on the forefront of this positive movement. Her singles “Juice,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Good As Hell” can be heard from the salon to the bodega down the street. The music icon Missy Elliott is a big fan of Lizzo and together they created a beat-heavy dance track called “Tempo” complete with electric guitar riffs and flute sounds in the background. The visual is no less a representation of the two artist’s vibrant personalities and immense talents. Watch it below and put it on repeat for those Summer backyard parties.

In case you missed it, Lizzo killed it with her cover of Missy’s “Sock It 2 Me.” Peep a short clip of it here:

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