DJ Jazzy Jeff & MICK – Summertime Mixtape Vol. 10

Push play.

Before the Summer season comes to a close, let’s not forget that the good vibes are created only when the right mixtape is blasting through the speakers. Two longtime DJ’s from the industry have been gifting the world with the best mixtape every year, and now they’ve added their 10th mixtape to the “Summertime” series!

DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK have managed to put together tracks that just work so well together. Every new mix is like a fresh new take on what the Summer season is supposed to feel like. With the heatwave rising across the West Coast, it’s going to feel like Summer here for a while longer. Thankfully, we can all play this mix at every party that needs good vibes.

For the complete playlist and to download the full mix, click here.

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