Raveena @ The Constellation Room!

Breathe in.

Last Monday, Raveena took us aboard a trip on her Lucid Tour in The Constellation Room. The soul and R&B singer blessed Santa Ana with her presence.  The night started off with Dianna Lopez opening up for her.  Lopez was a fitting opener who set the tone for the night of soothing and relaxing vibes.

Dianna Lopez
Dianna Lopez

My introduction to Raveena’s music was unforgettable. I remember walking with friends last year around Camp Flog Gnaw and one person kept reiterating how excited they were to catch her set. I decided to tag along and, oh my, I was definitely blown away – her nurturing voice and gentle stage presence. Come to think of it, my first two times seeing Raveena perform were both festival sets, so seeing her perform at a more intimate venue like the Constellation Room was an entirely different experience. I’d say it was even more enjoyable. Everyone was there for her. She had every single person’s attention, which was ideal for a performer like her.

Raveena feeds off energy and gives off energy – and the energy is so warm. She has a clear connection and gratitude for fans. More-than-once Raveena assured her audience that her concert was a place for peace, love, and healing. Her stage presence is so refreshing and authentic. The feeling you get from watching her perform her songs live is euphoric. She has a relatable quality to her. Her DIY-style music videos like “Honey” and “Sweet Time” were translated into her stage design where she was surrounded by hand-painted mushroom sculptures and lit-up flower structures.

Mid-performance, Raveena gave us the chance to meditate with her. Sending us into a state of peace, she invited us to take a moment of silence with her – all while whispering sweet sounds of tranquility through the speakers. I haven’t experienced anything quite like it at a show and it’ll probably have a space in my brain forever.

Raveena’s setlist was full of some of her more popular songs, like “If Only”, “Stronger” and “Still Dreaming”, but my favorite moment of the night belonged to a cover that she did. The concert took place in my favorite Orange County concert venue, and it seemed fitting that she’d cover “Cool” by Gwen Stefani, everyone’s favorite OC girl. It was a great way to honor the location of her concert.

Be sure to check out her album Lucid and definitely keep an eye out for any concerts she schedules in your area!



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