Sunday Morning Chill: “Tides” by ZOD1AC

Water holds both the qualities of softness and destruction, the gentle weightlessness of mist and the overpowering mass of the seas. This duality serves as a reminder of the beautiful and delicate balance we all exist within. In a similar way water provides the inspiration for ZOD1ACโ€™s first album with Inner Ocean Records. On ‘Tides’ we find ourselves grounded by the mass of the low end, ominous 808 booms hold us down throughout while simultaneously we float lightly like mist with playful and enchanting melodies. ‘Tides’ is engaging , diverse and displays the true talent of a quickly rising producer. Lay back and let it wash over you.” – Inner Ocean Records

We are definitely keeping a close eye (and ears) to ZOD1AC, a talented producer from Akron, Ohio. Keep it locked on The 5th as we will surely feature more of his sounds in the future. Push play on a super chill LoFi mix below and enjoy your Sunday morning.


1. Vapor Trails (ft. Soul Food Horns)
2. Splash
3. West Side Drive (ft. G Mills)
4. Nile
5. Floods (ft. Soul Food Horns)
6. Ripples
7. Stasis
8. Waterfall (ft. Austin Salter)

For more sounds from ZOD1AC visit his SoundCloud page.

Also, be sure to push play on Inner Ocean Record’s incredible selection of LoFi playlists now streaming on Spotify.

[Featured cover image via ZOD1AC]

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