Jam On It: Kehlani – “All Me” Ft. Keyshia Cole

For the fans.

In case you’ve been out of the loop for a good minute, recording artists have accidentally locked a career cheat code with video apps like Triller and TikTok. Short clips of an artist’s song can instantly become viral on these apps and in turn, make the artist go viral on other social media platforms. Jay Sean’s 2007 single “Ride It” even made a surprise revival after a remixed version was trending on TikTok for weeks.

When Bay Area R&B siren Kehlani posted a previously unreleased song on the Triller app, her loyal fans quickly made dance videos featuring the short snippet. There was no song title or any information about when it would be released. But it was definitely a bop and they (including us) needed the full song before this decade was over. Fast forward to weeks that turned to months and her fans once again rallied to create the hashtag #DropTheSongKehlani which caught more attention on the Twitter platform.

Bringing us to today where we FINALLY have the track “All Me” which features the iconic R&B songstress Keyshia Cole. And as always, it was definitely worth the wait. Thank you Kehlani…soo any more info on your upcoming album!?

[ Listen on Apple Music ]

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