Best of 2019: Fashion Trends

As 2019 comes to an end, we’re taking a look back at significant fashion trends that have made a statement this year.

We definitely witnessed some unusual and interesting trends this year, so here are a few that we wanted to recap.

Cartoons / Animations / Comics

This year, we celebrated a variety of anniversaries and collaborations. A range from Ghostbusters to DC Comics to the popular Dragon Ball Z collaborating with mentionable brands such as BAPE and converse. BAPE has been making a major impact with its AAPE and Baby Milo character taking on different costumes of the characters from a variety of animations and cartoons as for the footwear side, Converse along with a variety of tributes to the anniversaries of comics along with pop culture animations. Adidas basketball also came together with Marvel and released a limited edition series that highlighted within their top players in the NBA/WNBA.


Animal Prints

This year we also got another round of animal prints. I think the fashion trends we got were an interesting taste of the what designers were trying to implement of what was fashionable and wearable. For instance, Nike came back with the ATMOS “Animal Pack” which came in full swing for streetwear. Along with shoes, there are also apparel that came to fit this category for 2019.

Work / Technical Wear

Alright here me out, in everyday life, we want to wear clothes that are simple and that also has the best functionality. This year, we got to see a mass rush of brands and companies implicate into their line of what work/technical wear would be best for their consumers. We can trace back to the basics of overalls to puffer bomber jackets into the finer details of how many pockets/zippers are on each piece to how much 3M can be visible in the flash of light.

Eboy / Egirl

The world and community of online gaming have been on the rise more than ever this year. Even the comedic Hasan Minhaj covers an episode of gaming on his show on Netflix “Patriot Act” along with the infamous Jeff Goldblum covering a segment of games on his Disney + “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”. What’s even got a lot of people in both communities turning heads are the collaborations from apparel to the actual pieces of clothing that both the fashion and gamers to wear. It gets so intense with the online gaming community this year that even Louis Vuitton made a trophy for one of the tournaments. It is a nice revenue avenue for a lot of brands to reach into another area where they can see potential in gaining not only more costumer involved in the fashion world, and also the gaming world. It has to be one of the best collaborations of this year.

Artist Merch

Rapper Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records recently released their first digital compilation album JACKBOYS and fans quickly inquired about merch. Of course, Scott’s webshop quickly dropped some items to appease his massive fan base. In previous years, musicians/artists were reserved in selling merch, as they were seen as a quick “cash grab” and lacked any emotional connection to their followers. In 2019, however, artists such as Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Tyler, the Creator made merch a more outstanding part of the overall fan experience. How? They formed their own clothing lines, collaborated with big brands, and created fashion shows. While they technically did not label their items as “merch,” they paved the way for other artists to be more open to the idea of giving fans a tangible collector’s item via a simple hat or hoodie with their name on it. A concert now yields more merch booths with pieces that quickly sell out in minutes, webshops are now more common than ever, and artists have learned to tap into a lucrative market that was once deemed as the least profitable.

What were your thoughts on fashion trends in 2019? What do you think will be trending in 2020?

Images via BAPE, Converse, adidas, Nike, Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, UNIQLO, Carhartt, Blonded, Kanye West, Jackboys, Hypebeast.

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Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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