Sunday Morning Chill: “Reminisce” Playlist by The Jazz Hop Café

“Adventurous melodies to accompany you on sentimental journeys”

“We’ve been trying to release this Nujabes-style mix for several months now. One thing led to another, and it kept being delayed.

However, the mix is now finally ready and coincidentally on the 10th anniversary of Nujabes’s death… RIP Seba Jun” – The Jazz Hop Café

Push play below and vibe out.

P L A Y L I S T:

00:16 nitsua – coffee princess
04:40 Foeniks – From Me To You [Clean Edit]
08:08 mr. hong – seventy pines (ft. michelle & alberto)
10:58 Auto&mst – Trip in Niijima
14:36 Foeniks – Sentimental Journey [Clean Edit]
18:04 nitsua – far travels
23:20 Huey Daze – June
25:34 Haru Pandi – and there she was
28:38 Yoann Garel – Groovy Night
32:22 mr. hong – seaside (ft. alberto)
36:00 WYS – Hope
39:02 Rakuyou – Shore
41:04 Jordy Chandra – Sweet Farewell
44:00 mr. hong – wave theory (ft. medazfiziks & alberto)
46:16 Yestalgia & Musaka – The Temple

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