Donald Glover Really Just Did That

New music streaming on loop at

Keep calm, Donald got this. Click on the image above to be directed to Glover’s web page, push play, and then come back here, I have a few thoughts on this.

Choosing to go with his stage name moniker, Donald Glover, in lieu of his rap name Childish Gambino, the multi-talented artist just dropped a streaming web page while we were all sleeping. Or you might have been awake if you were busy streaming all episodes of Community. Yes, you finally have time to stream all seasons. The web page displays a simple white background with an unfinished drawn illustration, the word “COVER” is written in red above the far left panel. The illustration seemingly shows a crowd in mass hysteria while the buildings behind them are on fire. Is this Glover’s view of what our society has become during this past week of learning more about the severity of this pandemic? “Donald Glover Presents” is seen at the top of the page, which is worth noting as his previous collaboration with adidas Originals had the same title. You can read up on that here when we first reported it back in April 2019. Does this mean Glover is ready to drop more merch?

Finally, if you click on the bottom of the white screen you will have to the option to type in your text of choice. This does not link to anywhere and does not serve any functioning purpose. The online community’s guess? This was Glover’s way of having his fans title this album themselves. This dude, wow. I opted for a few titles like “Because the Pandemic”, “Winter Camp,” and, my favorite one, “Isolate, My Love!”

From what we’ve gathered through Twitter users, the site is streaming 12 tracks on loop, with about 56 minutes in total from start to finish. Fans have heard featured guests like Ariana Grande, SZA and 21 Savage. You already know we’ll be listening all day long.

Marc Mangapit

Editor and freelance writer from Los Angeles. Pizza hunter and burger snob. He misses the old Kanye, the "I can't even go to the grocery store without some Ones that's clean and a shirt with a team" Kanye.

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