Sunday Morning Chill: “Journeys” by Effortless

A vinyl compilation album.

To support Effortless and the amazing producers/artists involved in this project, please visit to purchase the vinyl copy.

“Life is about Journeys, not Destinations. Thank you for 3 years of working with music in this extremely vibrant community. Here’s to a lot more Vinyl and a lot more Vibes. Peace & Love.” – Effortless


1. Squeeda ~ Late Again
2. Outs ~ Lay
3. Otaam ~ Quetzal
4. Mell-ø ~ Deserted
5. Taiyo Ky ~ Lemon Sour in Shinjuku
6. ZENDR ~ Nearly Home
7. No Spirit ~ Once in a While
8. SamuW ~ Reading Between Lines
9. ØDYSSEE x Sitting Duck ~ Don’t Wake me Up
10. Joe Nora x Karavelo ~ Slushies
11. DRKMND ~ How Life Goes
12. S I M ~ Indian Summer

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