Sunday Morning Chill: Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2020

Welcoming the new season.

It’s becoming too easy to lose track of time these days. But if you haven’t looked out your window yet, then just know that we’ve said goodbye to Winter and have recently entered the Spring season. A time of renewal, warmth, and new beginnings.

LoFi and chill vibe providers, Chillhop, has put together a compilation of tracks that encompass the feeling of Springtime. It’s an hour’s worth of beats that will make the days go by with ease.

Push play below and vibe out on this new Sunday.


(Please support these talented producers! Find their individual channels here.)

00:00:00 Ruck P – Soul Food
00:03:34 Toonorth – Chrysalism
00:06:09 L’Indécis – keep on
00:08:29 Chris Mazuera, Strehlow – Medicinal Sushi
00:10:53 Miscél, Hanz – Flee
00:12:29 Mo Anando – Green House
00:15:43 Middle School – back when it all made sense
00:19:00 Ben Bada Boom – Blossom
00:21:31 No Spirit, Sitting Duck – Plant A Tree
00:23:48 goosetaf, Saib – Chasin Daisys
00:26:00 ØDYSSEE, cocabona – Velvet
00:28:14 Philanthrope, G Mills – Cinnamon Sugar
00:30:15 falcxne, Makzo – Leaves
00:32:37 fantompower – at the park
00:34:59 Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle – bringmesun
00:37:20 Xander – Midnight
00:40:25 Swørn – belonging
00:42:27 Blue Wednesday, Himalayan Beach Ensemble, Dillan Witherow – Sleeping in
00:45:18 Misha, Evil Needle – Dreams
00:48:26 Sleepy Fish – let girls play soccer
00:51:30 No Spirit, Kyle McEvoy – It’s Been A Year
00:54:13 chromonicci – London
00:57:43 Aso – comfortable
01:00:19 weird inside – doing laundry
01:02:27 sadtoi – 1999
01:05:04 Allem Iversom – Wash

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