Sunday Morning Chill: New Horizons

An Animal Crossing Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Mix

music providers, DREAMHOP MUSIC, is one of the destinations on the internet when searching for chill music and beats. As a music label, they have found some of the most talented producers around the world.

For their latest compilation mix, they’ve enlisted beatmakers and producers to create tracks that make you feel like you are on a new island in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by lush vegetation and nature. It’s an Animal Crossing fan’s dream to have the chill music going even after they’ve closed the game. So push play above and enjoy your new Sunday morning.

For more Dreamhop Music selections, please visit their SoundCloud page and help support all the producers.


00:00 Pointy Features – New Horizons Theme @user-514920082
02:29 Thomas Stratt – Nom Took @thomas-stratt
04:07 A boy with a balloon – when you listen in a seashell @aboywithaballoon
07:22 WYS – Day 2 @wyslofi
08:55 Viktor Kraus – 8 PM @iktorraus
10:20 S N U G – Hyde Park (ft. Caezura)@beatsbysnug @user-799869340
12:34 WYS – Day 4 @wyslofi
13:31 Viktor Kraus – 3 AM @iktorraus
14:58 Haru Pandi – Hot Choco @harupandi
17:42 Atamatoki – Animal Dreaming @atama-toki
20:12 WYS – Day 5 @wyslofi
22:56 S N U G – Walk by the Lake (ft. C4C & Stuffed Tomato) @c4cmusic @stuffed-tomato
25:30 coldbrew – 4 square @coldbrew-beats
27:02 S N U G – Your Glow ft. Refeeld @beatsbysnug @refeeld
29:32 WYS – Day 5 @wyslofi
30:45 WYS – Day 6 @wyslofi
32:27 Kainbeats – I’ll Walk On @kainbeats
34:41 WYS – Day 6 @wyslofi
35:46 Thomas Stratt – Unknwon Places (ft. C4C) @thomas-stratt @c4cmusic
37:58 WYS – Day 6 @wyslofi
39:46 Hevi – Fireflies (ft. Ai Means Love.) @hevirain @aimeansluvv
42:05 Kainbeats – Dream Well, Little One (ft. C4C) @kainbeats @c4cmusic
44:28 WYS – Day 3 @wyslofi

[Featured cover image via Nintendo]

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