Sunday Morning Chill: Martin $ky – In Real Time

Push play and vibe out.

This week, Martin $ky’s lofi hip-hop mixtape was what we had on repeat. The Chicago producer’s new album In Real Time is available now on various music platforms. It’s the perfect compliment to your Sunday morning. Please support Martin $ky by purchasing a vinyl copy and/or streaming his music on your Spotify/Apple Music apps.

In Real Time is a fantastic experience that will make your mind float in an almost dream like state. The album takes you on a trip inside Martin’s imagination, with a perfect flow you’ll find yourself on a smooth ride to heaven. The vibes are heartwarming and positive, a much needed feeling in an otherwise harsh and rowdy world we live in.” – Radio Juicy


1. It’s Whatever
2. Moment 2 Moment
3. You’ll Find
4. Reason
5. Out of Mind
6. Dreaming About
7. A Good Book (feat. @autumnkeys)
8. Reflections (feat. @sebastiankamae)
9. Puzzles
10. Never Lost (feat. @levfbevch)
11. Live With It
12. Easier Said (feat. @chiefslc)
13. Closer (feat. @vhscrl)
14. Do Better


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