Peep This: Kanye West – “Wash Us In The Blood” Featuring Travis Scott

“They don’t want Kanye to be Kanye”

Looks like Ye has been busy during the past few months of lockdown and quarantine. Just a few days ago he released the news of a partnership with GAP, yes, that GAP. With the brand almost falling off the map, this new collaboration may be the very thing to redeem GAP to its former glory.

Today the artist released a new song and video, with an assist from rapper Travis Scott. The track itself is an extension of Ye’s push on his religious views, as we all heard on his previous album Jesus Is King. “Wash Us In The Blood” mirrors the frustration of demanding police reform and justice for the many black lives lost to the brutality of those sworn to protect us. Clips from around the internet are displayed in the video, ranging from the protests happening all over the country to victims of the Covid-19 virus struggling to breathe. This is the first track we’ve heard from Kanye’s upcoming album. What are your thoughts? Also, do you remember the last time you stepped inside a GAP store?

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