Sunday Morning Chill: xander. – Dreams

Push play and vibe out.

“xander.’s full-length album, Dreams, is an eleven song journey through past and present. After releasing his five song EP, Found Memories, back in December, xander. follows it up with nostalgia, with time travel, with looking behind and ahead. Dreams is an atmospheric blend of instrumental styles (future beats, lofi, funk), bouncing and swaying with the wind.”

To stream the EP on your preferred streaming platform, click here.

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00:00:00 xander. – Traveling Through Time
00:03:15 xander. – Wake Up
00:07:06 xander. – Life Is a Dream
00:11:03 xander. – Times Ahead
00:14:20 xander. – Fate
00:18:34 xander. – Warm Feeling
00:21:50 xander. – Fog
00:25:16 xander. – Childhood Days
00:28:33 xander., Wesley Curtis – Awake
00:31:45 xander., Carrick – Warmer Days
00:35:01 xander. – Where We Met

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