Sunday Morning Chill: Axian & Alberto Droguett – “Soul Searching”

Push play and vibe out.

This heatwave may not be going away any time soon, but at least we can listen to a brand new beat tape while staying cool indoors.

Listen to Axian and Alberto Droguett’s compilation album Soul Searching below. To stream on your preferred platform and to purchase/download, please click here.


0:00 – Doin Alright (feat. J. Vibes & NATE08)
2:45 – Takeoff
5:45 – Mountain Top
7:58 – Outside Looking In
10:33 – Transcendence
13:18 – On The Move (feat. Mr. SOS)
17:14 – Ocean Waves (feat. Alcynoos & Aywee Tha Seed & Kydual)
20:05 – Bananas
22:58 – Lost Souls
25:39 – Afterthoughts
28:35 – Surfaced (feat. Kydual)
31:21 – Bliss
33:01 – Medieval (feat. SmokeintheEye)
35:46 – All The Same

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