Sunday Morning Chill: Cowboy Bebop LoFi by Serendipity Mood

“See you space cowboy…”

The iconic space western anime Cowboy Bebop has influenced a variety of media creatives since its initial release in 1998. A great deal of that has to do with the series’ major theme of classic jazz pieces. Recreating that vibe into a LoFi mix just seems like a perfect fit. Push play below and to hear more from Serendipity Mood simply click here.


0:00 See you space cowboy by Paisley
01:12 I was watching cowboy bebop the other day by foust.
02:31 Spike Spiegel by saib
06:09 Spike spiegel by GAMER !
08:46 Space cowboy by saib
11:38 Cowboy bebop bump by Hemmingson
14:51 Cowboy bepop by dj kensabeats
18:01 Another time by dekobe
20:57 Waltz for Venus by Kendall x Mukashi
24:41 you’re gonna carry the weight by cormac
28:20 memories by anxious

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