‘Hot Ones’ for Reebok

YouTube’s widely popular interview series Hot Ones linked up with sportswear brand Reebok for their first sneaker collaboration.

The first “hot” shoes of its kind will be arriving soon to celebrate the show’s 13th Season.

This collection highlights Reebok’s popular’s silhouettes such as the Club C, Classic Leather, and Shaqnosis. Similar to the series hosted by Sean Evans, the higher the shoes are, the spicier the tongue’s get! With each shoe having its own Scoville scale rating.

Each box was designed with chicken wings and flames. And the tissue paper was designed to be a cutout bib to let the fans know it’s about to get hot.

The Hot Ones x Reebok collab is set to drop next week on November 19th with prices for the Club C and Classic Leather at $100 and the Shaqnois at $160. The sneakers will be available to purchase at Reebok.com. Along with the kicks, there will be a range of graphic t-shirts coming soon. Check out detailed photos of the collection below and let us know how hot do you like these shoes!

(Photos: Courtesy of Reebok)

John Kevin "JK" Gabrillo

Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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