Sunday Morning Chill: Max I Million & Nocatchphraze – Private Barrel Selection

Push play and vibe out.

One positive thing to come out of this lockdown is having talented music producers work together and create something majestic. Even when they are oceans apart.

Nocatchphraze is based in Houston, while Max I Million is working in Stockholm. But through the power of technology and the love for the craft, Private Barrel Selection was able to be completed and is now available to be heard for all the jazz and hip-hop beat fans all over the world.

You’ll want to enjoy this one when you have your favorite drink, chilling with a view, and when your body and mind simply just need to relax for a minute or two. Go ahead and push play below, for more releases from Radio Juicy click here.


0:00 – Keep On
3:21 – Another One
6:33 – BopYaHead
9:52 – Illstreet Blues
12:56 – ThinkYaBad (feat. Octavio N. Santos)
16:42 – Chillin’ at 90 mph (feat. Besh One)
19:44 – Wanna Disco
23:33 – Refill
26:03 – The Funk
29:02 – Couch Joint
31:49 – Neat No Ice
35:42 – Morrow

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