Sunday Morning Chill: Chillhop Essentials – Spring 2021

Push play and vibe out.

“The vibrant instrumental compilation welcomes the warmer weather and the longer days. It is a time of year – perhaps now more than ever – to welcome change and growth and hold on to optimism for the next chapter. With a little over an hour’s worth of laid-back bounce, the 26 song project features over 40 producers/musicians and feels like a community. Much like our Chillhop Raccoon who has booked a creative retreat in an isolated getaway, we suggest you take some time this season to re-energize and recharge and properly blossom like Spring.”Chillhop

Go ahead and listen to the compilation below in its entirety. To hear more relaxing mixes from Chillhop and to discover more incredible LoFi producers from around the world, please visit their SoundCloud page! Tracklist and timestamps can also be found below.

Happy Easter Sunday and cheers to a new season!

> > TRACK LIST > >

00:00:00 Ruck P – Sunrise Hike
00:02:20 Blue Wednesday, Magnus Klausen – Runaway
00:04:34 Anbuu – Traveling
00:07:03 iamalex, azula, Dayle – Meadow
00:09:05 Mama Aiuto – Mt. Elsewhere
00:11:12 Stan Forebee – Along the Yarra
00:14:01 Sleepy Fish – Parksong
00:16:44 Birocratic, Brock Berrigan, iamalex, Philanthrope – Brockoli
00:19:25 Misha, Screen Jazzmaster – Memories
00:22:27 Hanz, Makzo – Tall
00:24:28 Enzalla – Sailing on a Flying Boat
00:27:18 Flawed Mangoes – Point in Space and Time
00:30:59 ØDYSSEE – Rêverie
00:34:26 Philanthrope, G Mills – Sand Castles
00:36:32 Gustav Gustav – Feels
00:38:24 C Y G N – Leitmotiv
00:41:51 chromonicci – Peace.
00:44:29 Aviino – Bloom
00:48:00 Arbour – Daffodil
00:50:50 Oatmello, Guavas – Libra
00:52:35 SwuM, Delayde – Motions
00:54:49 Loop Schrauber – Bud
00:57:10 Comodo – Lone Wolf
00:59:18 illiterate, Josh Wells – Leafy
01:02:21 Psalm Trees, Guillaume Muschalle – Days Go By ft. Julien Brunard
01:05:54 HM Surf – Sunshine

Featured cover image / Album cover artwork by Jorge Artola


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