Peep This: P-Rod Celebrates 20 Years of Skateboarding

Los Angeles native, Paul Rodriguez, reflects back on his 20 years in skateboarding. 

As a young kid, Paul Rodriguez, better known as P-Rod, didn’t know where skateboarding was going to take him.

Before becoming a pro athlete, he always envisioned that he was going to skate amongst his idols and be a part of the skate videos he grew up watching.

In a video recently posted on his YouTube channel, P-Rod looked back on the variety of competitions he had won as a kid during his extensive professional career. As well as the number of sponsorships and brands that he was signed to. He highlighted the feeling of signing with Nike and having 10 signature shoes. A rare thing for an athlete that has a career outside of the basketball court. 

Also wanting to leave his mark on the skateboarding world, he later started his own brand called Primitive.

Please check out the video below and find some inspiration from P-Rod’s extraordinary career.

Bonus video! Here’s P-Rod in LA at CoolKicks:

[ Video Credit: Youtube ]

John Kevin "JK" Gabrillo

Some asian dude who likes taking pictures and listens to music.

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