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The Realest Project

Ok, picture this. You’ve got a camera, 24 hours and placed in some of the most intimate, personal spaces capturing a day in the life of various creatives, hustlers, and artists. Sounds fun, right?

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A Short called SPLIT

It’s wildfire. It’s irrational. It’s euphoric. It’s addictive. It’s passion. It’s stillness. LOVE, the most complex beautiful thing we experience in this Life. Meet June and Ray and the highs and lows of their love. At the end of the film, YOU decide if it’s over or if they’re still together. Literally, you click and choose.

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Step Into the Arena and Become One of the Best Yet With New Gangstarr Gear

A legendary duo in hip-hop history who brought you classics that ranged from Positivity to Code of the Streets, Gangstarr lives on forever in the culture’s realm.  It’s only fitting that accompanying Gangstarr gear should be available to all those that rocked with Guru and DJ Premier over the years and we’ve got some great looks at what’s available. […]

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Nai Vasha – Wombmen

Meet Nai Vasha. Designer. Illustrator. Strong spirit. Art director. Marathon runner. Truth speaker. Doodler.  A creative space on the 10th floor in the garment district of New York City is where I had the pleasure to pick her brain about her book, WOMBMEN.

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ALGO-RHYTHMS at Sonos Studio

Sonos Studio brings us yet another treat of audio-visual goodies.  July 17, 2014 was the opening of a new exhibition called, ALGO-RHYTHMS.  This exhibition explores the unique experience of art that is created when technology meets music and sound. It explores the ways in which software has created an evolution in music listening.

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RECAP: PLAY – A Sonos x Stones Throw House Party

Sonos Studio, known for their acoustically-designed space hosting creative exhibitions, intimate concerts (Hennessy x Future x Sonos), listening parties, and more, premiered their newest interactive art installation, “Play – A Visual Music Experience” with Stones Throw Records providing the tunes for the evening on December 5, 2013.  

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RECAP: Soulection 2 Year Anniversary

Soulection’s 2 year anniversary brought us eight solid hours of good vibes, an all star line up of DJ’s, dope sets, whiskey on the rocks and beautiful people – all under one roof.  You know those nights when you have so much fun that you completely lose track of time and the lens cap to […]

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