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Interview: MH the Verb and Arthouse95

MH the Verb is a busy guy. Between his DJ residency in New York City and community involvement in educating artists on financial independence, MH has evolved from being a solo artist into a multi-hyphenate that includes educator, activist, band member art curator in no particular order. His curating though, has come to full fruition via […]

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Peep This: Kaytranada – “Lite Spots”

Five months in 2016, and there’s already at least four worthy candidates to make the race for “Album of the Year” a close one. Kaytranada’s studio debut “99.99%” is definitely in that mix. A 15-song masterful piece of extra-bouncy music with a pristine featured list, it might be too soon to recognize “99.99%” as Kay’s […]

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Peep This: Chance the Rapper Blesses Tonight Show

I feel like Chancelor Bennett doesn’t get as much credit and recognition as he deserves. Even after he’s earned credits on Kanye’s “Pablo”, spearheaded Donnie Trumpet’s “Surf” and steals the light from other rappers via features on the daily, I feel like Chance gets treated as an after-thought. In music’s latest sprint, we were so […]

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Super Cozy: Stussy Teams up With Champion

Champion’s dip into the streetwear pool proved beyond successful. Pairing the quality basics they’ve built their brand off of and their own take on urban-esque styles, Champion steadily climbs the athleisure ladder. Marry that with Stussy, a brand known for the reverse process (culture-inspired graphics and aesthetics to high quality pieces) and I don’t think […]

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