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Inside The Official Grammy Gifting Suite

How would you like some 23K gold warped chocolates with a caramel and Louis XIII cognac filling?  Do you have $3,000 to spare for seven pieces of luxurious heaven? How about forking out $2,500 for the ultimate VIP experience of a natural mixoligist who can personally come to your house or event and mix the finest, […]

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The Bad Boy Dance Party Had L.A. Showing Their Best Moves

We don’t play around, it’s a bet lay it down. Los Angeles. We took over the iconic Grand Star Jazz Club once again for the return of the Bad Boy Dance Party, a hip-hop dream come true in collaboration with the Dizon Dreams team. Chinatown is back on the map y’all, just ask us and […]

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David Bowie, the Improbable Hip-Hop Idol

David Bowie’s passing has brought about a more pronounced and defining kind of Monday blues for everyone who appreciated the musical icon’s unparalleled brand of habitual line-blurring and transcending talent. Living a life that drew on the most extreme boundaries of art and creativity, it’s no wonder that Bowie’s legacy is followed by an outpouring […]

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MED, Blu & Madlib Set to Drop ‘Bad Neighbor’

The three man dream team of M.E.D., Blu, and Madlib join forces once again for their new album, ‘Bad Neighbor’. Dropping October 30th, this full-length LP incorporates songs from the utterly delightful “The Burgundy” EP which they released in 2013. With Madlib on production and M.E.D. and Blu on vocals, ‘Bad Neighbor’ promises more funky […]

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Streetstyle Shots: LA Men’s Market

Industry tradeshows are events that make for some prime time opportunities to shoot some fresh outfits. Going down earlier this week, LA Men’s Market was no exception. We were on hand to capture some great examples of steez done right there, further bolstering the truth that a fire outfit always makes for great content. Click through […]

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Pow! Wow! Lands in Asia For Street Art Tour

Street art organizers, Pow!Wow!, is moving on to Asia after a widely successful event in Long Beach, California. Founded in 2010, Pow!Wow! has grown as an internationally recognized network of artists and art enthusiasts. Through the different city tours, these weeklong events have made street art easily accessible to the general public by providing guide […]

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RECAP: The LA Premier of the Stretch and Bobbito Documentary – “Radio that Changed Lives”

There was standing room only Monday night at the Regent Theater, the night hip-hop curators and ambassadors Bobbito and DJ Stretch Armstrong premiered “Radio that Changed Lives,” a documentary about the duo and their radio show that did indeed do just that. The film features interviews from Big L, Nas, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, Eminem, The Fugees, […]

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The Modern BBYGRLS

Let’s give it up for the ladies in today’s music industry who embody the soul and essence of the 90s “Babygirl.” All week we’ve been hitting you with that r&b nostalgia in preparation for tomorrow night’s #BabyGirlDanceParty. Without Aaliyah, Monica, Brandy, TLC and the rest of the r&b sirens of that era, there would be […]

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