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Koharu Sugawara Debuts New Piece at Urban Dance Camp

It looks like choreography just keeps getting more and more ill. Peep the new piece by Koharu Sugawara – done to Clean Bandit’s “Come Over,” and debuted at Urban Dance Camp. While I’m not a choreo-head, myself, I’ve slowly begun to have my eyes opened as more and more in-depth pieces have been produced. Just […]

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Top 5 Record Stores to Check out on Record Store Day

In the first few minutes of Stephen Frear’s 2000 comedy and book-to-film adaptation, High Fidelity, John Cusack introduces himself as the movie’s record-obsessed, compulsive list-making protagonist, Rob Gordon.  His fictional record store, Championship Vinyl, is frequented by what he describes as “the bare minimum of window shoppers” as well as young men who search endlessly […]

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