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SoundCloud Selections: Playlist 163

New music we currently have on repeat.

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Live @ The Observatory: Aesop Rock

In college, I thought I was the coolest kid when I could tell people that I listened to Aesop Rock.  He was more underground than Slug, and if I could be snobby about liking complex lyrics, I must’ve had a cloud of smug that hung around my head as I walked the campus.  But when […]

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No ‘Chella? No Problem: April Show Calendar

If you’re like me, and a gross lack of funds has turned two potential Coachella weekends into one giant “no-Chella” weekend, you may be a little bummed that you’ll be missing out on some good live music (including a rumored Daft Punk performance).  Sure, all your friends will be gushing about their presumably non-sober experiences […]

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