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Denim Denim Denim

Denim company, Levi’s, has been doing some collaborations and we are here for it!

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The Year of the Collabo: Streetwear OGs BAPE x ALIFE to Release Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Long-time streetwear juggernauts A Bathing Ape and ALIFE are joining the slew of mega-collabos that have made their streak in 2015 after releasing the lookbook for their up-coming Spring/Summer collection. The pieces feature seasonal staples emblazoned with both brand’s signature graphics: BAPE’s infamous camo and ALIFE’s box logo are strewn over tees, caps and a […]

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2013’s Best: The Brands That Made You Dance

There’s no question that 2013 has been a developing year in fashion and style. Who would have even thought this time, last year, we would be sporting leather jogging pants or long sleeve tees that have an abundance of cartoonish icons slapped onto them? From the OG brands of streetwear to the brands making a […]

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Nigo Leaves A Bathing Bape: The End of a 20 Year Run

2013 seems to be the year where legendary eras go to die:  sports superstars such as Brian Urlacher, Ray Lewis and David Beckham announced their retirements, stars of The Hangover movies series have decided to end their run at three, and esteemed brands in fashion such as KAWS’ Original Fake shuttered after offering it’s last […]

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The Art of Camo

Who wants to blend in when you can stand out and be noticed. Camouflage may have been designed for stealth reasons but its found other uses, especially in the fashion community. Gone are the days when camouflage was exclusive to the military and hunting elite. The masses have integrated this classic pattern into their everyday […]

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