Jam On It: Bishop Nehru – “The Nehruvian EP”

A little less flashy that his other Generation-Y rap counterparts — think, Vic Mensa, Chance the Rapper, Rae Sremmerd and, dare I include him, Jaden Smith (just to name a few) — Bishop Nehru has left bread crumbs scattered of shy, yet mercurially enticing rap for us to find the last few months. January saw […]

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Jam On It: Bishop Nehru – strictlyFLOWZ (mixtape)

Hip hop purists, backpackers, and overall lovers of that good hip hop music have plenty of reasons to tune their speakers in to new music lately.  What I’m talking about is the well-deserved success reached by young, talented MC’s such as Joey Bada$$ and his Pro Era cohorts, Earl Sweatshirt, and now 16-year-old NYC representative, […]

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