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Peep This: BJ the Chicago Kid – “D’Angelo Tribute”

BJ the Chicago Kid has become a steady source of classic neo-soul in these modern times, and he jumps off 2016 with a tribute to soul’s virtuoso, D’Angelo. Paying homage in a eight-minute mix of “Always in my Hair,” “Send It On” and “Untitled (How Does it Feel,)” BJ delivers due justice in mirroring the […]

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RECAP: Broccoli City Festival Los Angeles 2014

How many times did Ma have to yell at you to eat your broccoli? She gave you the whole spiel about how it’s good for you, it’s good for your eyes, blah blah. What Ma didn’t tell you was that somewhere down the line, broccoli wasn’t just food for the body and the soul, but […]

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Peep This: Schoolboy Q ft. BJ The Chicago Kid – Studio

Look Q, why you’re sitting in a studio with nothing but dudes recording music is beyond me, what with your own fly piece sitting at home waiting for you in nothing but a freshly Colgate-brushed smile.  But then again he also gives a lesson on the proper way of catching a satisfying preview via facetime.  […]

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The Friday Five

You on point Five?  Once again Tip.  Congrats, we made it through another week, taking us into the welcoming arms of Friday and the five joints that will have you startin’ off the weekend right.  We’ve got a lil bit of Tribe, some Cam, even some BJ the Chicago Kid.  Listen and vibe out.

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