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Fuck, That’s Delicious: Trailer

  In a move that surprises me only for the fact that it hasn’t been done sooner, everybody’s favorite rappin’ culinary aficionado, Action Bronson, was finally given his own food related show by way of Vice Magazine’s Munchies.  Peep the trailer for “Fuck, That’s Delicious” above as we see Bronsolini flex his foodie know-how during […]

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RECAP: Mac Miller @ The Observatory, Santa Ana

I’ve personally been a fan of Mac Miller since day one. To say he’s come a long way from his first mixtape “Easy Mac” is an understatement. Last week I headed to The Observatory in Santa Ana to see Mac for my third time. Each time I have seen him perform has been a different […]

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XXL’s Freshman Class of 2013

For the Freshman Class of 2013, XXL immediately sparks debate with two words emblazoned boldly on their cover: BEST EVER?.  As with all lists, it’s highly and naturally debatable.  Which is what the comments section below is perfect for.  So what say you vigilant readers?  We’d love to get your thoughts for this year’s XXL […]

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