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SoundCloud Selections: Playlist 158

New music we currently have on repeat.

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2013’s Best: Hip-Hop Fails

As humans it’s inevitable that we all make mistakes. Lucky for the majority of us, we are nobodies. Send a dick pic to your girlfriend’s mom on accident? No biggie. Throw up on yourself while drunk? Don’t trip. Hit a parked car? Who cares. It’s a totally different scenario for people in the spotlight. Their […]

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RECAP: Rock The Bells Weekend 2013, San Bernardino

This past weekend Guerilla Union’s Rock The Bells made its way to the San Manuel Amphitheater to a jam packed and weed induced crowd for its 10 year anniversary. We got the chance to cover the epic hip hop festival and experienced an event that was just as intense as the blazing San Bernardino sun. […]

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XXL’s Freshman Class of 2013

For the Freshman Class of 2013, XXL immediately sparks debate with two words emblazoned boldly on their cover: BEST EVER?.  As with all lists, it’s highly and naturally debatable.  Which is what the comments section below is perfect for.  So what say you vigilant readers?  We’d love to get your thoughts for this year’s XXL […]

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