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Weekend Visuals: Playlist 200

Your weekend playlist of the videos you should be watching.

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2014’s Best: The Top Ten Hip-Hop Songs

Hip-hop’s relationship with 2014 can be whittled down to a single word: viral. A majority of the hottest songs of the year easily became the biggest not only due to radio play, but through a one-two punch of top shelf production and slick word play, these songs possessed a mass appeal that kept them on […]

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Jam On It: Quadron ft. Kendrick Lamar – Better Off

My mundane Thursday was saved by one reason and one reason only: this new Quadron track, “Better Off”, featuring Kendrick Lamar.  With a vibe that rivals the most luscious of Sade’s sexiest songs, the angel-voiced Coco O. effortlessly graces the track crafted by Robin Hannibal with ethereal vocals that make for the perfect soundtrack to […]

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