The Credit Controversy

“Give credit where credit is due.” It’s a simple enough concept, and one that we hear everyday. We can all agree this is a fair and ethical rule. But when, exactly, is credit due? If you ask Danny Brown, one photographer who produced a concert photo he recently posted on his Instagram, was not due […]

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The Friday Five

With today being the last Friday of 2013, it’d only be appropriate to give shine to some of my five favorite hip hop songs from the past year.  It seemed as if 2013 was the year of the turn up, and as such, the majority of this five is an ode to all things that […]

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RECAP: Rock The Bells Weekend 2013, San Bernardino

This past weekend Guerilla Union’s Rock The Bells made its way to the San Manuel Amphitheater to a jam packed and weed induced crowd for its 10 year anniversary. We got the chance to cover the epic hip hop festival and experienced an event that was just as intense as the blazing San Bernardino sun. […]

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Who is Molly? Why Is She Here?

Early this year Trinidad James had an anthem that banged at every party, with a particularly memorable line from it that went, “Popped a Molly, I’m sweatin. HOOOOOO!”  It became an instant quotable that had just about everybody screaming along every time the song came on. Kendrick Lamar’s video for “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” […]

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Danny Brown @ The Glass House, Pomona CA.

If an artist can accomplish three things, they often are considered great: 1) Displaying effectively an obvious influence of the greats before them. 2) Fitting the wave of what the people are feeling at the moment, while in your prime. 3) Elevating their craft or contributing something unique to a movement.  Detroit emcee and one […]

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