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Rockin’ With The 5th: Blu

Our very own Devon “Ironchef” Ward recently caught up with Blu before he performed at an LA Clique Clothing Co. function to chop it up some and discuss a few topics like what separates Blu from the rest of the emcees out there, and also, where he sees himself in five years.  The SoCal spitter […]

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Who is Molly? Why Is She Here?

Early this year Trinidad James had an anthem that banged at every party, with a particularly memorable line from it that went, “Popped a Molly, I’m sweatin. HOOOOOO!”  It became an instant quotable that had just about everybody screaming along every time the song came on. Kendrick Lamar’s video for “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” […]

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Danny Brown @ The Glass House, Pomona CA.

If an artist can accomplish three things, they often are considered great: 1) Displaying effectively an obvious influence of the greats before them. 2) Fitting the wave of what the people are feeling at the moment, while in your prime. 3) Elevating their craft or contributing something unique to a movement.  Detroit emcee and one […]

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Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – Wolf

Out the gate, I like Tyler the Creator’s “Wolf”, a lot. “Wolf” is Tyler’s 3rd studio album, and my favorite. It accomplishes all of the things a solid hip hop album should: 1) Have very few songs that I want to skip when I listen to it in full. 2) Have some sort of cohesive […]

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