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Peep This: 7 Days of Funk – “Hit Da Pavement”

  Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dam-Funk are at the ‘doh… err the streets of LA, in the newest video release following the previous house party “Faden Away” video. True to D-O-double-G fashion, the two cruise around low and slow in Snoopzilla’s baby blue Lincoln Continental, not veering too far from Snoop’s glorious Doggystyle days. Not […]

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Jam On It: Jonwayne – “Notes to Myself”

Fundamentals. They’re necessary in all aspects of life; from work, to sports, to relationships, to, of course, music. Lately I’ve been going back to the basics, and craving some fundamental solid flows and sweet beats. As we all know, cravings don’t go away, which is why I was pleased to find this new track from […]

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