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The Freshest Class 2015: Thing Thing

Coming straight out of New Zealand, Thing Thing is a brand that has been flipping and re-working traditional silhouettes into eye-catching and innovative pieces. What’s more, they’re doing it on two fronts – offering fire outfits for both the ladies and gents – thus ensuring that the dream of worldwide steez is spread effectively. When […]

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Sock Game Proper: The Finer Things

When it comes to hitting all the right notes in making the perfect outfit work, it’s easy to overlook how crucial a pair of socks can be.ย  But when you’re trying to step out in head-to-toe freshness, you really have to take into consideration the caliber of fly your socks are.ย  Standard issue whites are […]

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And the Battle Begins

Day one of Agenda at Modern Assembly and Project at the Magic Marketplace begins today.ย  Both at each end of the strip with tension so strong it can split the city right in half. Ok, that sounded pretty dramatic as I read that back to myself, but it was only fitting.ย  Both shows are here […]

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