A Lady in Hip-Hop: A Musing on the Dance Scene

I realize that I’ve never introduced myself, despite the fact that I started at The 5th back in August. My name is Noelle Marie and I am a freestyle dancer repping Femme de la Funk, Homeland, and International House of Artistic Punking. I used to run my own blog titled “A Lady in Hip Hop,” in […]

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The 5th Element Magazine Presents: “Woman Good, Lady Better” (Spring/Summer 2015 Issue)

To all our readers, we proudly present to  you our Spring/Summer issue for 2015, which gives a unique and crucial highlight to many of the dynamic and outstanding females that help shape hip-hop culture and lifestyle through their various gifts and talents. This issue is entitled, “Woman Good, Lady Better”, and is our special shout out […]

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