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A Short called SPLIT

It’s wildfire. It’s irrational. It’s euphoric. It’s addictive. It’s passion. It’s stillness. LOVE, the most complex beautiful thing we experience in this Life. Meet June and Ray and the highs and lows of their love. At the end of the film, YOU decide if it’s over or if they’re still together. Literally, you click and choose.

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Nai Vasha – Wombmen

Meet Nai Vasha. Designer. Illustrator. Strong spirit. Art director. Marathon runner. Truth speaker. Doodler.  A creative space on the 10th floor in the garment district of New York City is where I had the pleasure to pick her brain about her book, WOMBMEN.

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Style Profile: $elo

$elo’s style first caught my attention as I am a regular patron of the Blends sneaker boutique at The Lab in Costa Mesa, CA.  Every time I saw $elo there working he was always wearing a fresh fit that he always seemed so comfortable in; almost as if his unique style was his second skin.  […]

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