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Single Life Musings: Listen to Him

There are two things in the modern world that I still find overwhelming. The first thing is the volume of music that I have to continuously sift through, whether I’m digging through crates or browsing the internet. Erykah Badu got me down to a science when she sang “Analog girl in a digital world,” because […]

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The Freshest Class 2013: Asphalt Yacht Club

Breaking into an industry that’s as deep rooted and long standing as skate apparel has proven to be quite the challenge for many brands who’ve tried and failed in the past, but for Asphalt Yacht Club, they made it a point to come correct, making sure that their first impression on the industry was one […]

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Venue Trade Show

Venue Trade Show is tomorrow June 28th at the Los Angeles Convention Center!  Come check out some of the flyest up and coming streetwear and lifestyle brands exhibiting and also make sure to listen in on an esteemed panel of guest speakers from all over the industry.  Tickets are $35.00 at the door.  Also, hit […]

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Let the fog roll in…

The rise of a healthier addiction is within our midst.  “Say no to butts” and pick up a Vape.  With no ash, tar, and tobacco E-cigarets/Vapes are here to help you quit smoking and transition into a healthier lifestyle.  Within the street wear culture we have a seen a rise and trend in vaping .  […]

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Are you one of THEM?

As I sit here trying to concisely put together words that describe “The Masses,” I reference back to their mission statement.  So instead of me trying to figure a dope enough way to describe this group of creatives Ill let them describe THEMselves.  Along with their words is an amazing aesthetically pleasing video showcasing their […]

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PROJECT heads to Vegas.

The PROJECT Tradeshow will once again command attention in Sin City. Each year the production crew seem to be on a mission to top their last show, and this year is no exception. Buyers, brands, media, and the word’s most fashion forward individuals will flock to Vegas for MAGIC Market Week. We’re excited to see […]

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Fresh Fit Fridays!

As the temperature drops the layers add on.  It’s time to bust out the outwear!  As we were scrolling through our Instagram (Follow us: @the5thelmntmag) we caught some fellow IGers rocking some fresh fits perfect for the weather. Our very own BBOY Editor, Daniel De Alday (@danieldealday) sporting a Denim look and adding a Leather […]

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