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Keep On Dancing: USA Prequalifiers

The Keep On Dancing: USA Prequalifiers have just ended! KOD is an international battle that has a preliminary round in multiple countries — the winner is then flown out for the World Championships representing their country. It has four categories: Popping, Locking, Breaking, and Hip Hop. The contest is a 4 vs. 4 format, and each […]

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Get In The Groove: New Jack Swing and 90s Hip-hop Dance

In honor of The 5th Element’s R&B party #BABYGIRLDANCEPARTY  taking place on Saturday, August 15th, we decided to travel back to the golden era of the 90s. The musical landscape we all know and love as hip-hop was changing, reinventing itself once again to make it better and more addictive than before. Street dance went […]

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