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Cosmic Zoo: Shaping LA’s Underground Hip-Hop Scene

Low End Theory can be held partially responsible for the cultivating of massive amounts of sonic talent coming out of Los Angeles in the last handful of years — Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Tokimonsta, members of the Soulection, HW&W and Team Supreme rosters and even Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt all owe their chops […]

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BBC Radio 1 + BBC 1Xtra: The Story of Q-Tip

BBC’s Benji B couldn’t have alluded to Q-Tip better within the sum of 11 words: “Sometimes an artist or group comes along that changes people’s perspective.” A modern-day discussion on artists that presently fit that quota, folks will list out the Pharrell’s and the Kanye’s, but rewind their story and you’ll hear one name that […]

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2013’s Best: The Top Moments in Hip-Hop

If only we weren’t limited to ten. Hip-hop had a huge year, from Twitter beefs to chart-breaking albums, from the new paupers-turned-princes of hip-hop – but don’t think the last gawd is to remain unspoken for. We’re talking marriage proposals via YouTube — sans any corny flash mobs — hospital visits and riots, and a […]

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Space Talk: Astronautica’s Replay Last Night

Science geeks and music nerds have a lot in common. One of these things is a fascination with outer space.  The intergalactic theme has undoubtedly been a popular subject in music evidenced by everything from Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” to pretty much anything put out by Deltron 3030. Even our boy JT has jumped on […]

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