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SoundCloud Selections: Playlist 108

New music we currently have on repeat.

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RECAP: Crooks & Castles x Futura Debuts “LEWDS Collection” at Known Gallery

Legends were in the building at Known Gallery last week, as Crooks & Castles celebrated their collaboration with renowned graffiti artist Futura for their “LEWDS” collection, dedicated to their fallen brother, Christopher ‘Lewds’ Natalio. Russell Simmons, Lupe Fiasco, streetwear and jewelry designer Ben Baller, The Hundreds co-founder Ben Shenassafar and others within the streetwear community […]

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Jam On It: Lupe Fiasco ft. Ed Sheeran – Old School Love

It’s pretty understandable that Lupe Fiasco’s new song with Ed Sheeran, “Old School Love”, is going to be his lead single off his forthcoming album, “Tetsuo & Youth”.  Just from the first couple seconds in, you already hear the track ooze with radio friendly as Ed croons, “As long as I’m here, as long as […]

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The Friday Five

If you are one of the poor individuals who have to work on a Friday AFTER a holiday, I feel bad for you son.  So as a sort of ‘there-there’ pat on the back to sooth your sorrows, I’m sending out a very dope Friday Five today.  I mean, since when has good music ever […]

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The Indie Alternative: Summer New Releases

Summer new releases can be strategic in the hip hop world. Festivals, summer jams, and lots of bored kids on vacation can all easily serve to augment the fan base of any rapper or hip hop super-group. Not to mention, summertime barbeque-ready beats will inevitably be in heavy rotation (right now, the immediate song that […]

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Have you ever watched Fox News?  I’m non-partisan, so don’t take this the wrong way, but my liberal tendencies help me enjoy the hilarious nature of the biased news channel.  Conservatives have been attacking rap/hip-hop for years and the examples are endless.  Obama’s tenure has just increased the volatility of associated racism to rap music […]

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