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Peep This: Hip-Hop History Orchestrated By Poland’s JIMEK

Just like any youthful endeavor, when hip-hop was first gaining its bearings in the 1970s and 1980s, higher authorities questioned its staying power. Fast-forward a couple decades and the mere idea is laughable. Expanding beyond its music into a culture, hip-hop has transcended into every bit of our everyday lives both within and outside of […]

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M.I.A. x Versace #nomigos

The vaunted Medusa head that’s graced the chest hairs of drug lords and rappers alike for decades is now switching up its swagger and going the way of its own bootlegged designs.  With the help of M.I.A. and by way of its diffusion line, Versus, Versace is releasing a collection inspired by the designs used […]

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Mali Nicole’s New Music Video for “M.I.A.”

Up and coming R&B starlet, Mali Nicole, recently debuted a new video for her cover single of the Omarion original, “M.I.A.”.  Coming off of her Sweet Sixteen mixtape, Mali displays her wide range of skills on this track as she also drops a quick rap verse.  The video definitely provides some interesting visuals as Snoop […]

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