The 5th Element Magazine’s 2015 Person of the Year: Crying MJ

When considering any one individual’s significant accomplishments and contributions to popular culture this past year, one needs to consider three aspects of them: influence, impact and importance. With 2015 being such a year chock full of well-publicized happenings and viral achievements, sifting through the cream of the cultural crop and picking out just one singular,  critical […]

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Fashion Lifestyle

Rock A Meme, Stay Relevant: Drake YOLO Polo

So there’s this dude Joseph Evans who decided to harness the hilarity within the music industry’s latest fail memes and turn them into some pretty fresh polos.  For the super affordable price of $25.00, you too can look the part of being an Internet savvy, pop culture aficionado who’s got their pulse on the menswear […]

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