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The Indie Alternative: Summer New Releases

Summer new releases can be strategic in the hip hop world. Festivals, summer jams, and lots of bored kids on vacation can all easily serve to augment the fan base of any rapper or hip hop super-group. Not to mention, summertime barbeque-ready beats will inevitably be in heavy rotation (right now, the immediate song that […]

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The Friday Five 6/7/13

We got Stalley and Scarface swangin’ into Friday, Phony PPL possibly providing a prelude to five-o shutting down a fly party this weekend and everything else in between most likely being the ideal soundtrack to whatever you’ve got going on this Friday and beyond (until Monday, at least).  Breathe easy folks, it’s Friday.  Let this […]

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Jam On It: Quadron ft. Kendrick Lamar – Better Off

My mundane Thursday was saved by one reason and one reason only: this new Quadron track, “Better Off”, featuring Kendrick Lamar.  With a vibe that rivals the most luscious of Sade’s sexiest songs, the angel-voiced Coco O. effortlessly graces the track crafted by Robin Hannibal with ethereal vocals that make for the perfect soundtrack to […]

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