2013’s Best: Nova’s Top Albums

I’m really sorry that I’ve neglected you this year, hip-hop.  New waves of UK dance pop, PBR’n’B, and the budding chill-trap movement have distracted me from my deep roots with you.  Songs by French Montana and 2 Chainz were shrug-while-fist-twisting worthy when I was at the club, but it made me cringe when I realized […]

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The Indie Alternative: Summer New Releases

Summer new releases can be strategic in the hip hop world. Festivals, summer jams, and lots of bored kids on vacation can all easily serve to augment the fan base of any rapper or hip hop super-group. Not to mention, summertime barbeque-ready beats will inevitably be in heavy rotation (right now, the immediate song that […]

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Jam On it: Ryan Hemsworth’s Still Awake EP

Some of America’s most talked-about people come from Canada: Ryan Gosling, Steve Nash, Justin Bieber…  The list goes on and on, but for serious music fans, one particular Halifax native has been creating buzz with his heavily rotated remixes of artists like Rhye, Frank Ocean, and Lana Del Rey. That man is, you guessed it, […]

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