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SoundCloud Selections: Playlist 183

New music we currently have on repeat.

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Trill Grill: Hip-Hop’s Best BBQ Music Videos

  Happy Birthday ‘Murrica. If your overzealous patriotism and nationalistic overkill is waning from the end of the USMNT’s run at the World Cup, there’s no need for it to cease just yet — Fourth of July lands on a Friday, y’all. Faithful to our patriotic tradition, operation #turnup is on an all-time high for […]

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2013’s Best: Hip-Hop Fails

As humans it’s inevitable that we all make mistakes. Lucky for the majority of us, we are nobodies. Send a dick pic to your girlfriend’s mom on accident? No biggie. Throw up on yourself while drunk? Don’t trip. Hit a parked car? Who cares. It’s a totally different scenario for people in the spotlight. Their […]

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2013’s Best: Nova’s Top Albums

I’m really sorry that I’ve neglected you this year, hip-hop.  New waves of UK dance pop, PBR’n’B, and the budding chill-trap movement have distracted me from my deep roots with you.  Songs by French Montana and 2 Chainz were shrug-while-fist-twisting worthy when I was at the club, but it made me cringe when I realized […]

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The Friday Five

If you are one of the poor individuals who have to work on a Friday AFTER a holiday, I feel bad for you son.  So as a sort of ‘there-there’ pat on the back to sooth your sorrows, I’m sending out a very dope Friday Five today.  I mean, since when has good music ever […]

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