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#BEFORETHEBAG: An Interview With Cardi B

In 2016 we had the privilege of speaking to the then rising social media star, Cardi B

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Twenty Years Later: Illmatic

Story originally published on The 5th Element Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Issue Do you remember Hip-Hop in 1994? Some key events may come to mind:  Warren G heralded the G-Funk era previously established by Dr. Dre, with his West Coast anthem, “Regulate.” Southern hip-hop flourished with OutKast’s debut and the release of Scarface’s The Diary . […]

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2015’s Best: The Album Picks of the Year

As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but be completely in awe of all the music I’ve encountered, for reasons that are pretty obvious. In 2015, we witnessed a resurgence of music that was not only diverse in genre, but culturally and politically resonant. One of the biggest landmarks in music was […]

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The 5th Element Magazine Presents: Ritual Sunday

Long Beach we’re coming for you! Your next Sunday Funday is coming to you by way of the latest day party in town, Ritual Sunday. So make sure to RSVP here and sip on a drink or three and rock with us this coming Sunday the 28th at Cuban Pete’s in Downtown Long Beach from […]

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Walls on the Street: Pow! Wow! Long Beach

On Wednesdays, everyone celebrates a woman crush. Here at The 5th, on Wednesdays we pay homage to our graffiti arts section and share our favorite wall of the week. In our series called “Walls on the Street”, we showcase murals and paintings that deserve to be in the spotlight. As noted earlier on the site, Pow! Wow! has […]

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The 5th Element Magazine Presents: “Woman Good, Lady Better” (Spring/Summer 2015 Issue)

To all our readers, we proudly present to  you our Spring/Summer issue for 2015, which gives a unique and crucial highlight to many of the dynamic and outstanding females that help shape hip-hop culture and lifestyle through their various gifts and talents. This issue is entitled, “Woman Good, Lady Better”, and is our special shout out […]

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Rockin’ With The 5th: Dizzy Wright

Loud and proud, Dizzy Wright reps his hometown of Las Vegas to the very fullest in a way that commands as much attention as the bright neon lights the city is known for. Recently he was able to truly put on for his city by dropping his latest single, “Floyd Money Mayweather”,  a banger of […]

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Rockin’ With The 5th: CJ Trillo

What kinds of things do you think of when you think of Pomona, CA? Some immediate things that may come to mind are, of course, music-related. It’s home to great music venues like The Fox and The Glasshouse, and propping its ever-evolving cultural terrain is a blossoming hip-hop scene. One such emcee contributing to its […]

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Rockin’ With The 5th: Evidence of the Dilated Peoples

In the eight years since the Dilated Peoples have released their last album, the sonic landscape of hip-hop has morphed into different iterations that more often than not seem indistinguishable from its traditional musical identity.  With their latest LP, Directors of Photography, the triple optics crew of Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu have managed […]

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Dilated Peoples – “Word of Mouth” Tour

Marking their triumphant return from an eight year hiatus, underground hip-hop legends, Dilated Peoples are back. The LA-based crew, consisting of Evidence, DJ Babu and Rakaa Iriscience are releasing a new LP, Directors of Photography, on August 12, and will be promoting the album on a North American Tour. The tour will span nineteen major […]

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Rockin’ With the 5th: JO.EY

Enter JO.EY. – a young producer with a soul rooted in classic hip-hop, but a taste for that new futuristic sound. Now, we’ve all seen that description within the bios of many new cats rising to the music scene surface via SoundCloud, but what might separate JO.EY is the simple fact that he’s from London, […]

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Rockin’ With The 5th: JoJo

Having sold millions of albums worldwide and even lending her talents to television and movies, teen sensation turned full fledged R&B songstress, JoJo, really doesn’t need much of an introduction.  With a body of work that epitomizes youthful success, JoJo is an artist that we can count on to always deliver with quality.  And that’s […]

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Editor’s Note: One Year Later

The vivacity of certain memories can be at such a high level that invoking them with a quick recollection can lead to a deluge of emotion, remembrance, and nostalgia, washing away the potential haziness that surrounds less significant flashbacks.  I remember it like it was yesterday:  I get a mid-day phone call from my then-boss […]

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Rockin’ With the 5th: Fly Moon Royalty

The most unlikely duos tend to make the dopest music together: from Outkast to James Blake and Chance the Rapper, the melding of the minds can be a beautiful thang. Forming a yin of choice beats and eclectic stylings to a yang of lyrical flows and buttery soul, Fly Moon Royalty is one duo personifying […]

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Cre(ATE)ives – Thurz

  Some of the best conversations can get sparked up over some good food and even better company.  Knowing that, we decided to capture that dynamic by getting together with some of the dopest creative minds we know and chopped it up with them over their favorite food – allowing us to present to you […]

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Jam On It: Phife Dawg – “Dear Dilla”

February is just around the corner, which means a few things: President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Super Bowl XLVIII. But aside from paid time off, flowers, and sports, February also represents Dilla month, and just in time to celebrate, A Tribe Called Quest’s infamous Five Footer has put out a personal J Dilla tribute aptly […]

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