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One Dime Time: The Latest From Rustic Dime

Los Angeles based Rustic Dime has got some new offerings this season and have stepped up their level of design and style, making sure to live up to their penchant for quality denim and pants, “One Dime At A Time.” With unique takes on the biker denim style and distressed denim, while also boasting new […]

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An Educated Dress: Rustic Dime

An Educated Dress is The 5th Element’s visual slant on the seasonal offerings of various brands.  Our intention is to give our stylistic interpretation and assessment on styles that we feel heads should take notice of.  On this edition, we certified our affiliation to Team Cozy with Rustic Dime’s latest Fall 2014 collection.

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Know The Leverage

For Chris Ngo and Lee Ramirez of The Leverage Showroom, being the liaisons for the freshest up and coming streetwear brands is a position that few are not even aware of.  However, their successful role of being the intermediaries responsible for what may be most of the fresh gear in your closet is one that […]

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